Agents seek citizens' help to combat Jackson County's drug problem

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCASGOULA, MS (WLOX) – Drugs continue to be a serious problem in Jackson County.  Narcotics agents say criminals are finding clever ways to make, use, and sell the deadly drugs.  Now, the Narcotics Task Force is reaching out to the public to help curtail the problem.

Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers met with Zonta Club members Thursday to ask for their help. He spent time telling the ladies about illegal activities they should keep an eye out for in their communities.

"Meth labs, meth lab identifications, possible drug dealers moving in neighborhoods and taking advantages over the neighborhood," Spiers said. "Obviously smells. Any odd smells or anything like that.

Spiers said lately drug agents have been working overtime due to the rise in marijuana growing and meth labs in Jackson County.  The most recent incident was at a home daycare center in Ocean Springs, where agents said they seized two inactive 'shake and bake' labs.

"They can be small, as small as a 20 ounce coke bottle, and that is the danger of this.  Someone can very easily conceal them or dispose of them in the public eye. No one really without education will know what they are looking at in the first place."

Spiers said tips from citizens lead drug agents to a majority of the drug busts. He hopes citizen policing will continue and grow.

"When you have someone not wanting to be involved and they found out their child is in a daycare where a meth lab was, that may change your attitude," Spiers said.

Spiers' speech encouraged group members like Evelyn Draughn to do their part to keep their community safe from the deadly effects of illegal drug activity.

"The drug problem is widespread, and all our service we try to do involves families," Draughn said.

If you see any unusual activity, report it to the Narcotics Task Force by calling (228) 769-3302 or emailing

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