Santa Claus has Christmas message for South MS children

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Black Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season, but someone has already been hard at work to make this a very Merry Christmas. Santa Claus says he has a special message for the South Mississippi's boys and girls.

For Santa Claus, the few moments that children spend sitting on his lap are a lot like fact finding missions. It's his chance to hear all about the Christmas desires of little boys and girls. Santa says he'll relay everything he's told back to the North Pole where there's a lot of activity going on right now.

"Visiting. Making a lot of visits and talking to a lot of people because my troops up there are hard at work," Santa said. "They're going to make this a good Christmas for everyone. "

Santa Claus says Christmas gifts are nice, but he's hoping people not forget the true meaning of the season.

"My message for the boys and girls this year is to be good to each other. Be good to yourselves. Spread and share the joy of Christmas," Santa said. "Keep it in your hearts all year long, and it will make you happy and strong."

Santa said children had better be on their best behavior.

"You bet, 'cause we're watching," he said.

St. Nick says his message is for all boys and girls, young and old alike.

"The best things for the parents to do, don't grow too old to believe," he said.

Santa's taking it a little easy now because on Christmas Eve he'll be busy making dreams come true all around the world. So he says he doesn't mind if anyone wants to leave a little snack out by the Christmas tree.

Santa said, "Anything that they want. Cookies are nice. Milk is nice. Because it's a long trip out there. I understand that just a note or a hello is also good, too."

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