Storm-stranded dolphin being cared for in Gulfport

By Steve Phillips – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS  (WLOX) - A young dolphin, stranded on a Gulf Shores beach by Tropical Storm Ida, is now recovering in Gulfport.

The dolphin is being cared for at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. Dr. Moby Salangi and his team responded to the rescue call Tuesday afternoon.

The young  male is being kept in a large tank and remains "in quarantine" until it recovers. It was found on a remote section of beach near Gulf Shores as the storm was passing coastal Alabama.

"It was really far from the water line," said Megan Broadway, who works at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. "It was about 100 yards away from the water. So, it had probably washed up in the storm. It was lucky that somebody was there to find it and call us."

"Was in shock, lethargic when we found him," veterinarian Dr. Connie Chevis said. "We treated him for shock.  He responded very well to it. And we've collected our samples: blood samples, X-rays, trying to see what happened with him and what's going on with him."

"His body condition looked pretty good. He was emaciated, like some that we've seen. So, I think he's got a good chance. He did respond so well. He's swimming on his own, which is a good sign and I think he's got a chance," Dr. Chevis said.

The Institute also continues to care for an endangered "Kemp's Ridley" sea turtle. The turtle was found stranded in July. Its condition is more serious.

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