Every day is Veterans Day in New Orleans

By David Elliott – bio | email

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - The National World War II Museum in New Orleans is considered one of the finest war museums in the world. Sensational exhibits depict the epic battles and events of World War II. Veterans serve as volunteers and tell guests personal stories about their war experiences.

"Some one must be looking over me because I was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked," 90-year-old Bert Stolier said.

Stolier educates and even entertains visitors with his one of a kind tales.

"I was at Midway. A beautiful rainbow came over the fleet the night before the battle. I turned to the Admiral and said, "This is good luck,'" Stolier remembered.

The museum has just cut the ribbon on a $60 million expansion. The museum was able to do it in spite of Katrina and the recession.

"It was just a victory to open," Museum President and CEO Dr. Nick Mueller said. "It's not just a victory for the museum, it's a victory for the city, the region and the country."

Inside the expansion, you'll find the Victory Theater, the Stage Door canteen and much more. The theater shows the film Beyond all Boundaries, produced and narrated by actor Tom Hanks.

The screen is 120 feet wide and 30 feet wide. The victory theater features an array of world class special effects. The seats actually shake and fog and snow fill the theater during scenes in the film.

Down the hall from the theater is the Stage Door Canteen. During World War II, Stage Door Canteens entertained troops and bolstered moral on the home front. They were located in New York, Hollywood and Paris. Movie stars would entertain the troops and the museum's Stage Door Canteen puts on a live show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Our cast brings back the beautiful music of the 1940s," Entertainment Manager Victoria Reed said.

The National World War II Museum is open every day of the week. Beyond all Boundaries is shown in the Victory Theater Tuesday through Sunday. You can call the museum at (504) 528-1940 or visit NationalWW2Museum.org for more information.

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