Meth epidemic

Every day in our news your hear or see someone being arrested on Meth charges. Meth and its abuse impact every segment of our society. That's evident in a recent arrest where investigators say they found Meth making materials at a Jackson County day care. Our jails are overrun with men and women charged with the manufacture of Meth. No doubt it is an epidemic in South Mississippi.

Where has society broken down for these individuals? Yes arresting them is imperative, but we also must find solutions that will prevent these people from getting on the drug in the first place. There are no easy solutions, or they would have already been put in place. But our churches, schools, and our family units must find a solution to this curse on our society.

If you have ever seen the before and after picture of a Meth user, the drastic change in appearance is scary. Educating our youth about what Meth does to you and its deadliness needs to gain even more prominence. More programs like drug courts must be established to get these drug users clean and able to transition back into society as a productive citizen.

Research shows only seven out of 100 Meth users are able to get clean by themselves. We all must get involved and find ways to solve this problem or be prepared to fund a lot more prison cells.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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