Jackson County residents happy Tropical Storm Ida is over

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Tropical Storm Ida brought just enough wind and rain to be a nuisance to South Mississippi, leaving many thankful and breathing a big sigh of relief.

Roads in low lying areas flooded for a short time, and state emergency officials said a few homes did get water.  A few hundred lost power, and a handful of people are still in the dark.

People living in the most vulnerable low lying areas watched and worried. And many in Jackson County are still keeping an eye on the tropics in the final weeks of the hurricane season.

Robin Thompson and his nephew are happy to enjoy a calm day after hours of nasty rainfall in his Escatawpa neighborhood.  Thompson thought he would be cleaning up debris and waiting for high waters to recede in this flood prone area Tuesday. He said luckily that was not the case.

"I am just so glad it was not worse than what it was," Thompson said. "It didn't really damage anything.  The water came up and it was gone."

The Wiley family from Pascagoula was taking a stroll on the beach after Ida. The family said it's a relief Ida's punch was a weak one.  The storm knocked out power to some, downed a few trees, and flooded some roads for a short time.

"It is good not to see any damage," Susan Wiley said.

The tropical storm bounced around the Gulf, at times closing in on the county. Citizens admit when they heard a storm was going to hit the coast in November, it was a bit frightening.

"We have not even been threatened by a tropical storm, so to hear it so late in the season, it is strange," Susan Wiley said.

"I don't think anything can top Katrina," Sarah Wiley said.

The folks said after dealing with a catastrophe like Katrina, they were prepared to handle just about any type of storm moving their way.

"You get used to it.  It is a part of living here," Thompson said.

"You know to put the garden furniture up and secure things around the pool," Wiley said.

Citizens said although they were spared from the damaging effects of Ida, they are not resting just yet because the season is not over.

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