Three Officers, Suspect Shot In Standoff

Officers blocked off both ends of Cedar Lake Road, while inside the housing area, police tried to talk to Jose Reuben Garcia. Garcia was armed and holding his wife and two children hostage.

Police evacuated several nearby residents after the man began shooting, hitting one officer. Todd Martin lives across the street.

"Around 11:30 heard a police officer going around my trailer and I went to the window to look and see out and then I saw a police officer fly through the air onto the ground with his weapon drawn towards the other trailer then the other officer came around the corner and told me to get back and lay down on the floor," Martin said.

Another neighbor saw what was happening too.

"There was like navy seal type guys that were in total camouflage, grass, and everything, rifles," Phillip Butcher said.

For a couple of hours it was a waiting game, as Garcia fired randomly at police. But at 2:50 a.m. Garcia, carrying a shotgun, walked out of the home with his son and tried to get to his car.

He exchanged several gunshots with officers and was shot in the shoulder. Seconds later, officers arrested Garcia. Just seconds later, officers arrested a wounded Garcia. A second officer was shot too, but suffered only minor injuries.

Garcia was taken away, and crime scene investigators began going through the mobile home and Garcia's car looking for evidence. Officer Lance Chisum was hit in the left shoulder and the left side of his face. He is being treated at a New Orleans hospital.

Officer Ken Thomas was hit in the right hand and treated and released. Officer Steven Holmes was shot in the boot but did not require medical treatment. Garcia was shot in the shoulder. He was treated and released.

Garcia is charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and one count of kidnapping.