Coast river residents brace for flooding

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Coast Civil Defense Directors said if Hurricane Ida makes landfall in South Mississippi's coast, their main concern will be flooding, especially along the rivers.  Some people living along the Biloxi River are getting ready for the storm.

One of those is the Resh family, who were hard at work Sunday afternoon.  Neil Resh and his three teenagers rushed to make sure their belongings don't get swept away by Biloxi River.

"You know these things are unpredictable,"said Resh. "There is no sense in waiting until the last minute.  You need to get everything out.  All of your property. Have it all gone.  You won't have to worry about it.  You don't have to do it in the rain.  It's a lot safe doing it like this than to wait until it starts getting stormy to start moving something. "

On River Road in Gulfport, Hurricane Ida was on the minds of many residents busy seeking higher ground.  Forecasters predict several days of heavy rain to cause the South Mississippi rivers to overflow their banks.

"What it will mean is because we're going to have a high tide and water pushing in plus the water coming down, it will have a double impact of the water wanting to come up,"said Primo Sabbatini.

Some residents here say they worry about how fast and how high the water will come up.  They're also concerned about the neighbors who are choosing to procrastinate.

"I'm kind of worried about some of the neighbors that might not take this serious because they need to,"said Resh. "You can't wait until the last minute because usually I end up getting my rubber boat and having to evacuate them here because they waited until the last minute."

Resh said he's telling whoever will listen not to wait because it's better to be safe than sorry. One neighbor Joe Lambert told us he thinks many people in the neighborhood are procrastinating because there have been so many false alarms.

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