Breaking bread before breaking tackles

By Doug Walker - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The day began with greetings and handshakes, friends during the morning hours, but rivals when the sun goes down tonight. Then a warm welcome from Joe Lancon, the owner of the Ole Biloxi Schooner, who tells the crowd, "This is a friendly breakfast, thank you all for coming."

It was time to race down the sideline to the buffet table, to gather up some pre-game grub. Time to break some bread before trying to break some tackles tonight. Time to remember games from years gone for mayor George Schloegel of Gulfport. who said, "He's on about the 20, he drop kicks it, for a field goal."

The mayor from the other side of Debuys Road, A.J. Holloway  weighs in on the importance of tonight's game by saying "This is the epitome of sports, Biloxi and Gulfport has always been a great rival since 100 years ago."

During breakfast, the two coaches talked strategy, and the historical importance of this long time rivalry.  Steve Jones of Biloxi wants this one for his seniors, telling WLOX News, "It would just be a great conclusion for those seniors football season, they would have beaten Gulfport two out of three years." Jones went on to say, "I told them they play 48 minutes tonight but they'll remember it the rest of their life.

Mike Justice of Gulfport just wants a winning record this year, saying "Gulfport has been beat up a little bit and we would like to get this to 6 and 5 and the fact that we can get a 6 and 5 season in against Biloxi makes it even better, so it would be a big win for us."

It was time to say goodbye, until tonight.

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