Lott Speaks Out About Possible War

Senator Trent Lott began by addressing the likelihood of war against Iraq.

"It looks to me like, unless something dramatic happens, that we are gonna have to go in there... You don't want to set a deadline for action on the resolution or specific dates when we would go into Iraq. It looks to be within the next three weeks. That is the likelihood that would happen," said Lott.

The senator also discussed the division of international consensus on supporting the U.S mission against Iraq. He says the division is more of a political strategy.

"France has been a problem for many years in a variety of ways. They've never been a full partner of NATO, for instance. They've quite often been sort of the naysayer in the United Nations," said Lott. "The Germans, of course, have become a problem. I think that's really been brought about by the fact that Schroeder, in order to get reelected, had to play sort of the war card and now he can't get away from it because the green party is a part of his coalition. And if he backs away, or starts supporting an effort in Iraq, he could lose control of his own party and his government."

The senator believes if the United States doesn't deal with Saddam Hussein right now, he will continue to be a problem in the future. And so the question was asked,"Why not deal with North Korea - a country who has admitted to possessing nuclear weapons?

"They don't have a mass stock of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. They have not attacked their neighbors in recent years. Plus, they are surrounded by people that should be able to seriously affect them," said Lott.

"Now how does that relate to Iraq? In the case of Iraq, who's gonna deal with Iraq? It would have to be a multi national force lead by the United States, Great Britain and our allies like of course Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy. But there's nobody in that immediate area that can cope with his military capability and his weapons of mass destruction," said Lott.