Shop at home

This holiday season is going to be critical for many of our local merchants. We all know it has been a tough year money-wise for most of us no matter what we do for a living. It is often said that merchants make most of their profit between Thanksgiving and Christmas. As you make your shopping list this year think of the local stores first and see if you can find what is on your list in South Mississippi.

Not only will you be supporting the merchant and his or her family, but also, you will be supporting numerous other people who work in our community and their families. In addition you will be helping our local tax base, which has also taken a tumble this year. Those taxes help provide you and your neighbors with needed services like police and fire protection and maintaining and improving our roads and parks.

If you shop at home, you will help make the holiday season a lot merrier for the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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