Coast Teens Learning About Sex

Hundreds of students are thinking more responsibly about sex. This week, the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport sponsored "Aim for Success" at several schools throughout Harrison County. The program explains that sexual abstinence is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and disease.

"I've always wanted to go to Long Beach, well, Long Beach California," speaker James Criner said.

Criner travels the country talking to teenage students about sex - his audience on Thursday was the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Long Beach Middle School.

Criner's hour-long, interactive program, presents the subject of sex in a very clinical way.

"I'm going to tell you some facts, statistics and true stories, because I believe in you and with good information you're going to make good choices on your own," Criner said.

James says there are five pressures to having sex: hormones, love, pier pressure, media, and drugs & alcohol. He says giving into those pressures can mean consequences like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

"I want you to realize that American teenagers get pregnant every 32 seconds," Criner said.

After the program, students said they learned a lot and will take the knowledge to others.

"I'm really glad because the students really needed to be reached because it's really a problem right now," 8th grade student Ivan Swanier said.

"Some of it is really scary, the things he tells you, some of the consequences, but I think a lot of the other kids understood and will wait a little while," 8th grade student Christie Richards said.

"It really kind of makes you think about it, we all think we're kind of invincible, we can get stuff from not even having sex, but kissing and stuff like he said intercourse," 8th grade student John Huffman said.

"You could hear some people talking about it sometimes, but it will probably will be a lot better now," 7th grade student Kristen Sharp said.

A lot better than finding out the consequences the 'hard way.'

This program also provides parents information about how to comfortably talk to their children about sex, how to answer questions without embarrassment, and how to encourage your children to remain sex free.

For more information visit the Aim For Success Website by clicking here.