Brett Favre's hometown divided over new move to Vikings

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

KILN, MS (WLOX) - Brett Favre fans in the Kiln packed a popular sports bar to watch Sunday's game. Some people celebrated Favre's move from Green Bay to Minnesota, while others aren't so happy with his decision.

The Broke Spoke Bar in the Kiln was more like the Loud Spoke Sunday afternoon.  A crowd of fans, family, and hometown friends of legendary quarterback Brett Favre piled into the small bar for the highly anticipated rivalry. The bar was covered in Green Bay Packers' paraphernalia that was collected during Brett Favre's 16 year run with the team.  But it's Favre's re-location to Minnesota that has the bar buzzing.

There were cheese heads and a few hometown folks who think he signed with the enemy.

"I look at him as a traitor," Kiln resident Todd Rookes said. "I feel like he shouldn't have sold out for the money. He claimed he did it for the love, but it is for the money."

"It is very hard not seeing him in the green and gold," Green Bay Parkers Fan Anita Fanara said. "We want to see him in green and gold, it is hard."

Favre fans like Stephen Gigi and Ginger Ladner say people are being too harsh on the quarterback. They believe Favre did what was best for his career

"If you really look at it, Green Bay is the one that really wanted to go in a different direction, and he wanted to stay there," Gigi said. "By them letting him go, they sealed their own fate with that one. I don't think he is a traitor."

"Go Brett, we are behind you all the way," Ladner said.

No matter what the opinion is about Favre's new career move, everyone agreed that this hometown football star played an impressive game leading the Vikings to a 38-26 victory.

"All I know is if you better bet on Brett because you cannot go against him. He always comes out on top," Kiln resident Derek Peterson said.

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