Jackson County fair comes to an end

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Fair officials say this year's numbers were slightly down from last year's record-breaking revenue, but they still said its been a success.  Even more so because a portion of the money they make goes back to the Jackson County general fund.

When you ask anyone at the Jackson County fair why they showed up, the answer is almost always the same.

"Have fun," said Camie Parker and C.J. Osbourne with a smile.

Jamie Reynolds and her family agreed.  In fact, her daughter Greenlea couldn't wait to jump in line for one of the rides while her family spoke to WLOX.

"It's family fun oriented for all ages," Jamie said.  "I know every October is the fair time, and to bring her [Freenlea]. I enjoy it because I've lived here all my life."

Fair Association President Eddie Russell said the fair benefits the county in several ways.

"It brings a lot of people having jobs for this week, a lot of diesel is bought, produce is bought, and it brings people closer together," Russell explained.

Thirty five percent of the fair revenue goes straight to the Jackson County general fund.  Last year's fair grossed $400,000.  After all was said and done, the profit was $100,000.

This year's revenue hasn't been tallied, but fair officials are optimistic about the final count.

"We're not far behind last year, so I'm really pleased," Russell said.  "Its going to make some great money for the county."

County supervisor John McKay (District 5) said the money they raise will go toward paying for new food booths the county built at the fairgrounds.
"We know we need the monies," Russell said.  "I'm just real pleased we were able to raise a lot of revenue for the county."

But county supervisor Tommy Brodnax (District 4) said he believes the fair actually costs tax payers more money than it generates.  John McKay said he doesn't share that belief.  He said the fair at least pays for itself.

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