Ocean Springs Highway 90 Widening Nearly Finished

After nearly two years of orange barrels, detours, and delays, the Highway 90 widening project in Ocean Springs is almost done.

Work crews are putting the finishing touches on the long awaited project.

The widening work began back in April of 2001. Now the headaches are over and drivers couldn't be happier.

Work crews painted markers in the turn lanes at Highway 90 and Washington Avenue. One more day of striping and painting and the long awaited construction project should finally be finished.

Traffic flows freely on the wider, smoother highway through Ocean Springs. Drivers no longer have to dodge the orange barrels or watch for flashing arrows.

"It's been a real mess," said one driver.

"But the finished project looks great," she added.

Another motorst was also happy to see the light at the end of the long construction tunnel

"I think it's great. Much better than it was. It's just a lot of traffic now," she said.

That free flow of traffic should give Highway 90 businesses a boost.

"It's been a real hardship on a lot of us along here," said Jack Gottche.

He owns Germaines restaurant on Highway 90 and has been an outspoken critic of the project's impact on business.

"I really feel sorry for the people who were just getting into business when this happened. And a lot of them didn't make it. And I'm hoping that now that we have the highway it will be a revitalization for all of Ocean Springs," he said.

Three lanes and a dedicated right turn lane are a part of the finished project. Everyone we talked with agreed it was worth waiting for those 22 months.

As for the end of the construction zone, one driver seemed to sum it up best.

"Hallelujah!", she exclaimed.

Although the widening of Highway 90 is finished, there's still a little construction work going on just to the east. Work crews are building a crossover and intersection at Highway 90 and Holcomb. That work should be finished in a matter of weeks, not years.