Mistaken identity lands a man in jail

By WLOX Staff

HARRISON CO. MS (WLOX) - Mistaken identity landed, Bo Brown of Gautier, in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Harrison County Sheriff's deputies pulled Brown over Monday for having a dealer's tag.  When authorities ran his name, they pulled up a warrant for a second degree battery charge in East Baton Rouge, LA.  Somehow Brown's name got mixed up with another man who goes by Bo Brown but real name is Darryl Bo Brown.

Brown credits his father and wife for investigating the matter.  The two spent hours gathering information and making calls.  They tracked down a man named on the affidavit as being involved in an incident with "Bo Brown. "  The man confirmed authorities had the wrong man.  They got an attorney involved and eventually Brown was released from the Harrison County jail.  The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's department issued the hold on Brown to be released Wednesday afternoon.  Darryl Bo Brown, as of now, is still on the loose.

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