New chief selected to lead Pascagoula Police Department

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Kenny Johnson is now leading the Pascagoula Police Department.   After serving as Deputy Chief, city leaders elevated him to the top spot, to lead the city's fight against crime and to keep citizens safe.

The retired police chief's name plate has not been removed off the door just yet, but new chief Kenny Johnson has already settled in his office. He is focused on the how to handle the challenges of the top law enforcement spot in Pascagoula.

"I feel like I am up to the task," Johnson said about the new job.

Johnson has 18 years of service to Pascagoula under his belt. He started out as a patrolman and worked up to deputy chief. Now as chief, he wants to continue to improve the department and police presence in neighborhoods.

"Boots on the street, we increased those from 30 to 45. We have some specialized units on the streets that are target focused on particular activities."

Johnson said those illegal activities are drugs and violence.

"Crime and drugs are a problem that plagues our whole country."

Another one of Johnson's goals is to reach out to the elderly and help protect them from those who prey on seniors.

"They are a target group for a lot of fraud, and con men come through and con these seniors out of their money. We want to make them aware of the type scams out there."

The chief also wants more of his police officers to get involved in the community. Johnson said he plans to promote campaigns and programs, such as anti-litter, to show that this department does care about the city.

"What folks can count on is continued good work, good community relationships, good conduct and good ethics by the men and women of the Pascagoula Police Department."

Chief Johnson is replacing Eddie Stewart, who retired after serving only two years as chief of Pascagoula.

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