More electricity needed

Recently the state Public Service Commission held a week long hearing on the need for Mississippi Power Company to be able to generate more energy in the future. A ruling should come out November 10th. The power company says the ability to produce more energy is necessary because of projected growth in South Mississippi and the need to retire older, existing generating plants.

We agree with the power company that it needs to look to the future and make sure we have sufficient electricity not only for our homes, but also for all the industries we have in our area for many years to come. Mississippi Power Company has a number of older generating plants that the company says will cost massive amounts of money to bring them up to meet all of the proposed federal guidelines. One of the plants the power company wants to eventually retire is Plant Watson on Lorraine Road.

A plant proposed for Kemper County would use new, gasification technology to turn lignite coal, which is readily available in Mississippi, into electricity. The power company say this is a cleaner way to generate electricity.

We believe the Public Service Commission should find that there is a need for more electricity and allow the Kemper County proposal to move to the next phase of deciding whether mining lignite coal is the best source and the cleanest way to produce the needed electricity.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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