Biloxi Pharmacist trial postponed

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The prescription drug ring trial against Nick Tran has been delayed. Wednesday, the Biloxi pharmacist was granted a continuance. His case has been rescheduled for January 4, 2010. When the trial begins, federal prosecutors will try to prove that Tran used his Division Street pharmacy to fill illegal prescriptions.

Federal Judge Louis Guirola was not the least bit happy that the Tran case got postponed. He chastised Tran's three defense attorneys for not being prepared to go to trial.

"The conduct of these lawyers is a flagrant violation of this court and of the rules of professional conduct," the judge said.

A jury pool was at the Dan Russell Federal Courthouse ready to be questioned. Because of the continuance, the jury members were sent home.

Consequently, Judge Guirola ordered attorneys David Morrison, Albert Phong and Adam Tran to pay the cost of bringing the jury panel to the courthouse. That cost could be as much as $6,000.

The attorneys must also write a brief about why they should not be suspended. According to the judge, the attorneys "were diligent in nothing."

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