Delisle residents say neighborhood watch is working

By Jeff Lawson - bio | email

DELISLE, MS (WLOX) - Monday night, St. Stephen's Park in DeLisle was the scene of a neighborhood watch party. More than 100 people were on hand to enjoy plenty of good food and fellowship. The sheriff's department also flew in its helicopter and the K-9 unit also put on a demonstration. The neighborhood watch program has been in the Delisle community for 11 years.

Long time resident Eleanor Jones was one of the people who started it, with the help of the sheriff's department.

"I say get involved, don't be afraid because it could be dangerous if the crack dealers take over your neighborhood," Mrs. Jones told WLOX News.

Eleanor decided the program would be a good fit for her community, when she saw what was happening to the place she calls home.

"We used to have a big problem with young people selling drugs on the corners. I am happy to say since we have had neighborhood watch; it has cleared up quite a bit."

Over the years, tips from neighbors have resulted in a number of drug arrest, in fact it was so successful, the drug dealers tried to send Eleanor a message.

"They tried to intimidate me by chopping the head off a rabbit and throwing it in my driveway, but I am not afraid, nothing scares me."

Sheriff Brisolara says nights like this one send a clear message. He wants everybody to know, that law enforcement is your friend and not your enemy. He is thankful for people like Eleanor Jones who stand up for their community.

As for Mrs. Jones, she summed up perfectly what neighborhood watch is all about.

"I have always believed that you should stand up for what you believe and I believe everybody deserves to live in a decent neighborhood."

Both Eleanor Jones and Melanie Walrod received plaques of appreciation for being block captains.

Sheriff Brisolara also wanted to thank Bible Fellowship Church and the folks at DuPont DeLisle for all the great food.

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