Chilly Fall weather a welcome change for South Mississippi

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) -  What a difference a few days makes with the weather.

We've gone from near record temperatures and oppressive humidity, to chilly mornings and pleasant afternoons.

Following a near perfect weather weekend, South Mississippi is still enjoying the chill that remains in the air today.

After a week of rain and heat and high humidity, the sudden chill is a welcome change indeed.

Employees from Beau Rivage spent their Monday morning on a landscaping project across the street from the casino resort.

"Absolutely beautiful weather!" said Sarah Miller.

A brisk wind from the north caused some to keep their jackets on.  But there were no complaints about the chill in the air.

"Oh, it's perfect for this," said one volunteer, as she raked a future flower bed.

"If we could have weather like this in Biloxi all the time, everybody would want to live here.  We were worried cause we had rain all week. This is perfect," said Miller.

Troy Tilblier is ready welcomes the cold front.

"It's cold. And I wish it would stay winter all the time. Yes sir, it's football weather."

Blue sky and bright sun sparkling off the water signaled a perfect day for an Ocean Springs mother to take her daughter for a walk and two friends to toss a football on the beach.

A week ago, by early afternoon, the temperature would be climbing toward 90 degrees.

Not so on this Monday. There's a chill in the air; it's what October in South Mississippi is supposed to be like.

Visitors from Tennessee grabbed the sweatshirts and heavy sweaters for an early morning fishing trip.

"Yeah, cold. I was freezing. I had my stocking hat on too out there fishing. It was cold this morning. It's starting to warm up, but it's cold," said Theresa Netterville.

Richard Cox doesn't mind the cold snap, even if it meant battling the wind while maneuvering his boat.

"I like both. I like heat one day and cool the other day. Cool when I ain't fishing.  We had a hot summer and it's time to cool off a little bit," said Cox.

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