Family living in disrepair, Katrina Relief trying to help

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PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - James Bounds and his sister, Charity, have called their house, home for more than 30 years. James says the house wasn't in the best of conditions before Katrina, but after the beating it took during the storm, it's practically unlivable.

"What it did, it shook the house and jared the sheet-rock and made it crack," James Bounds said. "Hurricane Katrina missed it up, blowed a tree on top of it and made it leak."

James says after draping several tarps over a hole in his roof, water is still leaking in.

Charity Bounds said, "Well, it leaks right there at the front door right where the light switch is. And then it leaks right over here where I got my TV and the phone."

Mold now covers most of the walls in the house , and windows blown out during the storm are covered with tin.

And a bed sheet keeps the elements from penetrating the rotted out front door.

Kathleen Johnson is the Executive Director for Katrina Relief.

"This is heart breaking and we see this every day," Johnson said.

Johnson says what's most shocking is that the Bounds family haven't had running water since the storm.

"Two big trees fell down and both of them landed right on top of the water shed, tore it up," said James.

Water must now be hauled into the house.

Charity  said, "We have to load jugs up in the car and go to Chevron and get water from a hydrant to have water to cook and wash dishes and take a bath."

James and Charity say they get by on their disability checks. After they pay their power bill and buy food, there's nothing left.

They say they didn't qualify for any grants to repair their storm damaged home. They did get a FEMA trailer but were forced to give it back six months ago.

"For what ever reason FEMA determined that it needed to be demobilize and took the trailer and took it away," Johnson said.

Johnson has started looking for funds to build the Bounds family a new home.

"I've been praying to the good Lord for some help, and I really do appreciate it," Charity said.

Anyone interested in helping the Bounds family can contact Katrina Relief at 228-344-8616.

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