Some People Say Terrorism Threats Won't Spoil Mardi Gras

This carnival season some South Mississippians have more on their minds than doubloons and beads. The United States is on the brink of war and the government has put our country on high alert. Americans have been told to expect a terrorist attack any day. At the Orange Grove Children's parade in Gulfport we asked people how these troubling times were affecting their Mardi Gras experience.

Sandra and Josh Kirke of Gulfport say they have a philosophy about life. Enjoy it. They haven't let worry about what terrorists might do keep them from doing just that.

"We haven't done a thing different," said Josh Kirke. "We just live life every day the same as we always do."

The same as always is how Gulfport police say they're approaching security at Mardi Gras this year. The number of officers patrolling the parades will be the same but they've keep a close eye .

Lt. Alfred Sexton said "They're aware of the high alert status and for them to be more vigilant about what's going on around them and what they're seeing."

The Orange Grove Children Parade drew hundreds of people. Many seeking dubloons and beads. Others wanted to forget about the turbulent times our nation is facing.

Harrison County resident Crystal Ross said "I try to put it out of my mind you know because I've got to live my life."

The theme for this year's Orange Grove Children's Parade was "United We Stand".