Officers Awarded Highest Honor

To a room packed with Biloxi Police officers, as well as officers from other departments, Mayor A.J. Holloway described a situation law enforcers face everyday.

"Craig Shows and Anthony Proctor both went to work one day a few months ago and found themselves involved in life and death situations, no warning, no notice."

It all happened in a matter of seconds. Officer Anthony Proctor shot a man twice, after the man shot a Harrison County Sheriff's Deputy during a traffic stop during last year's Black Spring Break. Officer Craig Shows was shot in the leg while helping to bust a booby trapped meth lab.

The mayor presented the medal of valor to officers he described as two of Biloxi's bravest.  Both officers say they are humbled to be recognized for just doing their job.

"I reflected back on that moment. I give thanks to God that I have the strength and ability to do what I do and the support from my family and the police department to go out everyday to continue what I do," Proctor said.

"I'm very thankful. Everybody in this city has been great, the mayor, the chief, everybody stood behind us and I'm just very thankful," Shows said.

As scary as it was for the officers, their proud wives were just as scared when they found out their husbands' lives were on the line.

"I was devastated. I mean the first thing I thought about was, 'Oh my God is he gonna be okay, what happened, how can I get in contact with him,'" Yolanda Proctor said.

"I was nine months pregnant at the time and I didn't go into labor, so it wasn't that much of a freaky accident, but it was really scary, really scary. I got to hear his voice almost immediately. They got him on the police radio and I heard his voice and knew that he was okay," Michelle Shows said.

Nine other Biloxi Police officers were recognized Friday, for their efforts in breaking up the meth lab just outside the city limits. Drug Enforcement Agents James Craig and Charlie Brown presented plaques to the officers. They assisted federal and state officers last July trying to bust a booby trapped meth lab on Big John Road. Waveland narcotics officer John Bordages and Biloxi officer Craig Shows were shot.

The suspect later turned himself in and has since been indicted on federal drug charges. He is now awaiting trial.