Seniors worried about no increase in Social Security

By Doug Walker - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At a senior health fair Thursday, almost every senior we talked to was concerned about the lack of a cost of living increase next year. They said in tough times, a small increase is badly needed.

Lloyd Johnson is not concerned for himself, but fears his longtime friends will suffer.

"One couple, friends of ours from New Orleans that we've known for the last 50 years or more, she's in a nursing home now," Lloyd said. "The cut's going to [be] awfully hard on them. A man in his 80s, he can't do too much to supplement his income."

There is talk in Congress of passing a stimulus bill that would send a $250 check to every senior citizen. If that does happen, Gladys Wolfe knows exactly what to do with it.

"The last time we got a stimulus package, we went out and bought something instead of putting it in the bank and saving it," Wolfe said. "We did what it said to do, spend it. So we bought stuff that we needed."

Percy Manning spent the morning watching out for his health.  He feels it's going to be much harder watching out for his already thin wallet.

"Can you imagine, just imagine going to the drugstore with four prescriptions, each one costing over $300," Manning said. "You think that's going to take a big bite out of the little Social Security that you're getting?"

It seems that all these seniors are asking for is for a little less bite from their income and a little more buying power.

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