Oyster docks busy again in Pass Christian

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Heavy rainfall has twice interrupted this year's oyster season.  But that hasn't bothered determined fishermen.

This week's reopening of an oyster reef near Pass Christian means busy days at the unloading dock.

"Good eating, good eating oysters!" said one worker, as he offloaded another sack.

Persistent October rains brought unwanted interruptions to the early harvest. But Monday's re-opening of the nearby reef meant dozens of boats harvesting hundreds of sacks.

"We did real good," said fisherman Toby Divine. "Only out there for a couple of hours and got our limit, 25 sacks."

Those hundred-plus pound sacks mean steady work and exercise for Alberto Bryant and his crew.

"Yes sir, it is a pretty good workout. It's usually about five or six hundred sacks a day here with Jerry. So, you get a pretty good workout every day," said Bryant, "I'm really glad they re-opened, 'cause we only had one day last week because of the rain. But today it's looking pretty good without all the rain. We're glad to be back out here."

Overcast skies gave the oystermen a welcome break from the heat, but they also know that the weather in South Mississippi can turn ugly quickly.

"The other day, last week, it was real rough. The boat sunk on us. We had to get off; we didn't get but six sacks," fisherman Bobby Johnson said, "They look real good today. We got 'em in about two hours, two and a half."

No complaints from the fleet of oyster fishermen on this Tuesday.  Calm seas, overcast skies and sack limits made the day.

Many of the oysters harvested in Pass Christian are loaded on trucks and taken to a nearby packing plant.

Crystal Seas Seafood shucks and processes thousands of sacks of oysters, then ships them out to restaurants around the country.

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