Gautier discovers a unique way to advertise itself

By Doug Walker - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - The banners that flank the light poles along Highway 90 in Gautier look just like any other welcoming banner to a city, except for one difference.  If you look real closely, they contain advertising.

Reed Guice is a long time coast advertising expert.  He said it's a unique approach by the city.

"It's a really interesting way for the city to pay for the welcome banners," Guice said. "It's sort of a welcome and spend money here."

Joyce Gilcrease owns an insurance company that chose this new advertising route. She said it benefits both her business and her city.

"I think it will help the city of Gautier to be more recognized," Gilcrease said. "As people are going up and down, they see that the businesses are involved in the city, and we want the city to grow."

The city manager has also bought into the idea because he doesn't have to buy anything to promote the city. Sidney Runnels said it's a win-win situation.

"The individual has to pay for the banners, or the company has to pay for the banners, and they're up there for so long," Runnels said. "After that, they are taken down and changed. And if they buy them again, they'll be put back up."

But Guice feels it may not end here.

"You could actually get enough advertising with toppers on the city public works vehicles to pay for those vehicles over time. It's not that farfetched," Guice said.

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