Biloxi Woman Uses A Yellow Ribbon To Support Troops

According to Rosemary Wallace, "Yellow is such a happy color."

And Wallace is trying to remain happy. That's why she walked out of her house clutching a bright yellow ribbon.

"I want to show patriotism for all the troops," she said, "the hundreds of thousands of troops that have been taken from their homes."

Men like Sergeant Ashley Evans. Evans is with a National Guard unit that's going to Afghanistan. He's Rosemary's grandson.

The yellow ribbon she tied to her oak tree is for him, and for America.

"It symbolizes love for our country," she said.

Ironically, before Evans heard about the Afghanistan mission, his grandmother opposed the war talk.

"But now that they've gone," she said, "I feel that it's up to our citizens to show all the support we can."

Rosemary understands what patriotism is all about. You see, her husband served in World War II and the Korean War.

Now it's her grandson's turn to defend America's freedom. Rosemary has turned to a higher power to get through the Iraqi conflict.

"We're spending a lot more time in prayer," she said. "Where we used to pray once a day, a lot of deep prayer, we now pray at least twice a day. All prayers are heard and all prayers are answered. And I think God's in charge."