Obama slights South Mississippi

The Obama administration has announced the president will be visiting Hurricane Katrina affected areas of the coast later this month to assess rebuilding efforts. But according to reports from the White House, that visit will include only New Orleans.

We have made repeated attempts to contact the presidential press office through phone calls and e-mails, asking if that is true, but we have not received a response. So once again, the Mississippi Gulf Coast may be slighted. Let me make this perfectly clear. New Orleans was NOT hit head on by Katrina.

What happened in the Crescent City is certainly a tragedy, but it was a man made tragedy. The levees failed, flooding the city and killing hundreds. If the levees had not failed, New Orleans would have been relatively unscathed by Katrina.

On the other hand, the Mississippi Gulf Coast was hit by an atomic bomb created by Mother Nature. Katrina hit here, wiping much of the coast off the map and killing more than 170 people. But the president and the national media either forget that, or worse, ignore it. So if President Obama really wants to visit a hurricane ravaged area, then he needs to come to South Mississippi.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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