Jurors sentence Keller to death

By WLOX Staff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Jurors have decided that Jason Keller should die for killing a Biloxi woman. After hearing from both sides, the jury began its deliberation Thursday morning, and returned with a sentence shortly after 3pm.

Wednesday, the jury found Jason Lee Keller guilty of capital murder. Keller shot Hat Nguyen at the convenience store she ran on Popp's Ferry Road. The murder happened while Keller was robbing the store.

Assistant District Attorney Beth McFadyen told jurors that there are four aggravating factors they should consider in whether Keller should get the death penalty. She said Keller had committed armed robbery before, and reminded jurors that he was robbing Nguyen when he killed her.

McFadyen said Keller killed the store clerk to avoid arrest, and his crime was "cruel, atrocious, and heinous."

Assistant District Attorney Scott Lusk said drugs had nothing to do with the crime. He told the jurors that Keller just wanted to know what it felt like to kill another person.

"He used a gun to rob a bank. He used a gun to kill Miss Hat. He should have learned his lesson. The death penalty will teach him that lesson," Lusk said. "This man does not deserve life in prison; He deserves death."

Defense Attorney Lisa Collums told the jurors that they had to consider if Keller is beyond redemption. She said he apologized to everyone in court Wednesday, and has shown that he can be a good inmate.

Collums also pointed out that Keller is never getting out of jail. He is already serving a Life sentence. And because he is a habitual offender, he must serve every day of that sentence. So it's essentially Life without parole.

This latest conviction is Keller's sixth felony conviction.

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