Cruisin' the Coast spends the day at Biloxi VA

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BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Cruisin' the Coast shifted into high gear on Tuesday. Thousands of classic cars have rolled into South Mississippi for the annual event. One of the biggest "drive-ins" was Tuesday afternoon at the Biloxi VA Medical Center.

Hundreds of cruisers enjoyed the afternoon at the Biloxi VA. A little Cruisin' the Coast magic transformed the veterans' hospital grounds into a classic car lover's paradise.

"Oh, this is absolutely beautiful," Joe Laird said. "There's some wonderful looking cars out here. I don't know how many we have today, but it's a bunch of 'em."

His '41 Chevy Business Coup is among the shiny rides. The veteran from Brandon is proud to show the red, white and blue.

"I'm retired Air Force. Thirty years.  So we try to keep the patriotic theme going," he said, pointing to the flags on his car and the red, white and blue paint job.

"I'm gonna sell both of 'em and build me a new one," George Nichols of Biloxi said.

He has a pair of beauties for sale: A 1956 and '57 Bel Aire.

"I love it at the Biloxi VA.  I try to make all the shows, ever since I got the cars done. Yes, I enjoy it. They put on a good show," said Nichols.

Biloxi VA patient Hubert Smith did lots of reminiscing. The retired car mechanic is partial to the Studebakers, but said any of the classics beat what's on the road these days.

"You can't find nothing comparable today when it comes to the building of an automobile," Smith said.

There's plenty of dreaming and gazing and looking under the hoods at this Cruisin' drive-in. Classic car owners are happy to share their pride and joy.

Car owner wannabes seem mesmerized by all the bright colors and shiny chrome.

"As a kid, I used to build models. And I see many of the models that I used to build as a kid, in real life. And they're really pretty outstanding. Part of Americana," said Tom Wisnieski, the VA Medical Center Director.

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