Moss Point students rap about the consequences of bad choices

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Meet Marcus, Labrandon, Tobias, Sanchez, and Walter.  The teens attend Moss Point's Alternative Learning Center, and they're shooting a video for the new song they wrote called "Bad Choice." The group is pretty pumped about it.

"At first it was just a school project. The teachers and the staff liked it so much that they wanted to take it to the next level," Sanchez Coles said.

The group said the lyrics in the rap have a significant meaning. Each group member says he has made lots of wrong decisions in the past that caused major problems.

"Fighting, and hanging around the wrong people and stuff like that," Coles said.

"It was really bad, my mom was crying over me," Walter Stewart said.

Principal Toletha Cook said they all were labeled troubled kids and sent to her school for help. She said thanks the school's strict rules and helpful programs, the students are making positive changes.

"We see significant improvements, first of all in their attendance. They come to school every day," Cook said about her students. "Second of all, their academics. Their grades have increased tremendously. Thirdly, their behavior. So far, not one student has been suspended."

The students said their families are overjoyed by the transformation.

"They are proud of me. They are proud of me because I changed my life around.  My mom is glad; I go to church with her every Sunday," Walter Stewart said.

The young guys said they didn't write the rap to gain fame and fortune. It's simply to share their problems and accomplishments, and let kids know bad choices can produce bad consequences.

"Stay out of trouble, get an education, and don't go down the wrong path," Coles said.

The teens are hoping their advice will keep young people on the road to success.

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