FEMA trailers go on the auction block

By David Elliott - bio | email

PURVIS, MS (WLOX) - It's been more than four years since Hurricane Katrina stormed ashore leaving a path of destruction and thousands homeless across Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. FEMA trailers began appearing around the hurricane stricken area.

The federal government chose five staging sites in Mississippi where thousands of trailers were held. The largest site was in the small town of Purvis, Mississippi.

Today, 3,800 trailers remain in a field off I-59 in Purvis. Now FEMA has turned the inventory over to the General Services administration for a major auction of the units. Some were used and returned, while others were never delivered.

Residents of Purvis will be happy to see the trailers go.

"Most of the people here are ready to see the trailers moved out," Purvis Mayor Roger Herrin said.

At the Lumberton site, 494 units are currently being auctioned off. When the bidding process on that lot ends October 9th, the trailers in Purvis go up for sale.

"It's time to reduce our inventory," FEMA Spokesperson Marcia Hill said.

There are a few rules; the buyers cannot use the trailers for housing. They can be re-sold, but not for housing purposes.

People in Purvis are looking forward to the day when all the trailers are removed from their town.

"They served a purpose, but it's time to move on," Mayor Herrin said.

To place a bid on a trailer, or just learn more about the government auction, visit www.GSAauctions.gov.

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