Gautier Teen Helping Others On-Line

When Gautier High student Hannah Skewes gets home from school, she checks the web hoping someone visited her site to ask for advice. She created the web page about a year ago after finding a similar site that was always busy.

"I like helping others," Skewes said. "It's not really complex. It's really simple. It's just got 6 pages."

Those six pages on her web site offer advice from teens to teens on topics such as relationships, dating, family, peer pressure, and depression. She also enlisted the help of her friends and family to act as teen counselors.

"I asked my brother if he wanted to do it and he was very into it. He likes to help people too. And he's very funny and I thought that would help," Skewes said.

Her 13-year-old neighbor, and best friend, Ashton Aguilar was one of Hannah's first counselors to sign on.

"I like giving out advice to people and if I can help somebody... it just encourages me more. If I can help one person, then I can help two or three, or four or five," Aguilar said.

Both girls caution teens visiting the site that PAC counselors are not professionals - just a group of young people hoping their words of wisdom will steer others in the right direction.

"Because it's not really giving advice, you're inspiring somebody. Like they're saying 'should I go out with this boy even though he doesn't really like me? He just wants to go out with me.' I think we inspire them to do what they want," Aguilar said.

What Hannah and Ashton want are more counselors and visitors. Click here to visit their web site.

By: Jennifer Holliman