Keesler Reserve Troops Headed Overseas

Air Force reserve troops that specialize in chemical and biological defense are preparing to leave Keesler for a deployment overseas.

Wearing chemical suits is a big part of the group's training. They've spent weeks learning about using gas masks and chemical detection devices.

We can't tell you how many members of the 403rd are being deployed or exactly where they're going.

Those heading overseas are part of the civil engineering unit.

"Our particular office is the NBC. Nuclear, biological and chemical office. We go out and train the troops. We also go out and do detection. Anything that deals with being able to defend or protect the base or installation," explained a female reservist, identified only by her first name, Iris.

Much of the training is designed to make the troops feel comfortable working in full chemical protection gear.

The reservists being deployed are expected to leave soon, but we can't tell you exactly when.

That information was also not released.