Six under arrest for breaking into concession stands in Jackson County

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

Jackson County, MS (WLOX) -Six people are behind bars Firday night charged with breaking into concession stands at sports fields across Jackson County. The suspects range from 22 years old. to 17 years old, and they all are charged with at least one count of commercial burglary, some are charged in four or five of the break-ins.

Investigators say the suspects are responsible for burglaries at Ocean Spring High School's Greyhound stadium, the St. Martin High Soccer and baseball fields, and the St. Martin Youth Sports complex,  Along with the Jackson County Soccer Complex in Gautier and the public baseball fields in Vancleave.

Jackson County Sheriff's Captain Mick Sears said he is furious about the recent burglary at the Jackson County Sports Complex concession stand.  He volunteers here and doesn't understand why someone would want to steal from a place that benefits everyone community.

"I not only take this as a professional assault, but definitely a personal one because I have a vested interest in this facility," Sears said.

Sears said since August,  six young suspects have gone around the county breaking in to different complexes after hours, trashing the snack stands, and stealing food and supplies. After multiple burglaries, Sears said a citizen finally tipped Ocean Springs police to the home.  There officer found a variety of stolen concession items and arrest the suspects.

"Any crime you commit, no matter how minor or how big, we are going to seek you, we are going to find you, and we are going to seek you and arrest you."

Sears said the group stole everything from sodas to animal crackers, totaling $6,000.

"You would think that they maybe did because they were hungry, but at the scene they had even thrown several boxes of food away that just spoiled."

Sears points out that while this may seem like a crime of opportunity for bored young people, it left many booster clubs and sports moms and dads out of food and funds.  Sears said the six suspects have been transported from the Ocean Springs Police Department to the Jackson County Jail until their inital hearing.

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