Rescind huge pay raises

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors Monday should rescind a twenty thousand dollar pay raise for three county officials. Supervisors approved the raises for Tax Collector David Larosa, Tax assessor Tal Flurry and County administrator Pam Ulrich. But why should they get raises when the rank and file county workers did not? We do not believe these officials should be singled out and given huge pay raises.

In addition, the raises were passed when only three supervisors were present instead of the entire board. For something as controversial as this issue the entire board should be present to vote. Also, the issue was not on the agenda, so the public had no idea raises were going to be discussed.

At a time when sales tax revenue is continuing to go down in Mississippi and additional cuts may have to be made in many state and local positions this pay raise is out of line. Most employers we know could not afford to give pay raises in 2009 and raises in 2010 will be meager at best. We say rescind the huge raises and when economic times improve, then consider more modest pay raises.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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