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By: WLOX Staff

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi High School PTO is currently taking orders for Biloxi specialty license tags. One of our long term goals for the students is to buy an awning or covering for the main courtyard.  The kids love to hang out there at lunch, but with the sun beating down, it can get extremely hot.  As you might expect, this doesn't come cheap.  In order to raise funds for this and other projects, Biloxi High School is offering Mississippi specialty license tags.

These are actual state-issued plates that go on the back of your car and will replace your current license plate. They will feature the Biloxi arrowhead with the letter "B", in red, in the center of the arrowhead, and the words "Biloxi Indians", in red, written across the bottom.

They need to have at least 300 orders before we can place our order with the state, and time is running out.  In order to meet the state mandated deadline, we need to have all orders in by October 9th.

The cost to you is $31 and of this, the PTO will get $24.  Each year you choose to renew, the PTO will get $24. The license plates are not exclusive to the high school but are "district friendly". Anyone can purchase them so please share this information with your friends and neighbors.

Call PTO president Paula Cooper-Rochon at 388-2899 or Biloxi High School at 435-6105 for more information.

The application can be returned, along with your check for $31 made out to BHS PTO, to the following address:

Biloxi High School
1845 Richard Drive
Biloxi, MS  39532
Attn: Mary Dee Benton


Frequently Asked Questions

After I have pre-paid for a special tag and I trade vehicles will I be able to put that tag on my new vehicle?

Please inform the taxpayer that when they go into the county office and give their name they will be allowed to put that license plate on any vehicle of their choice.

How soon after the license plates are available will I have to wait before I must go into the county office and pick up the license plate?

The taxpayer will have up to sixty (60) days after we have informed the organization to advise taxpayers that the license plates are in the county office.  If the taxpayer chooses to wait beyond the sixty days they will be required to pay the special fees over again.

Will the taxpayer be required to turn in the license plate which is currently on their vehicle in order to pick up the new license plate?

Yes the tax payer will be required to bring in the old license plate in order to receive the new license plate.

What if a taxpayer purchased one of the license plates while living in one county but has since moved to another county how will they be able to receive their license plate in their new county?

The taxpayer will need to do one of two things, they may go into the new county office and have the clerk to call the other county office to have the license plate forwarded to that particular office or they may contact us and we will have the county to forward the tag to the correct county office.

What happens if taxpayers change their mind and are no longer interested in having the specialty license plate?

Since that particular taxpayer may have been one of the three hundred persons on the list of pre-sold tags it shall be the responsibility of the organization to work out something with the taxpayer in order for your list not to drop below 300 which would make the organization in non-compliance.

How much money does the organization receive from the sale of these tags?

The amount the organization receives is by state statues; currently if your tags are $31.00 the organization will receive $24.00 per tag.

Where can I find the breakdown on all of the specialty tags?

You may visit our web site at, and clicking on Motor Vehicle Licensing.  You may also use the same web site to view images of all the specialty tags.

Will I be able to keep the specialty license tag if I decide I would like to have another specialty tag registered to my vehicle?

State statue states if the taxpayer does not wish to have that tag registered to a vehicle it must be turned into the county tax collector's office.

When will the organization receive the proceeds from the sale of their specialty license plate?

Disbursement from the sale of license plates are done around the 15th of the month

Can an individual have more than one specialty license plate?

If there is no stipulation on the number of license plates to be issued per person, then a person can have as many as they want.


To see an application, click here. Order forms are available at Biloxi High School.

The application can be returned, along with your check for $31 made out to BHS PTO, to the following address:

Biloxi High School
1845 Richard Drive
Biloxi, MS  39532
Attn: Mary Dee Benton

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