D'Iberville Looks To Future Growth

The city of D'Iberville turned 15 Monday. On February 10th, 1988 it incorporated after fighting off the city of Biloxi's attempt to annex the area.

D'Iberville has grown from a population of six-thousand to almost eight-thousand. Now it's looking to expand even more by annexing the St. Martin community.

The newly developed business district near I-110 in D'Iberville has brought thousands of dollars into the city. In 15 years, the city's tax base grew from 1 million to more than 40 million dollars. City leaders say that proves they knew back in 1988 they had what it took to make it on their own.

"We knew we had the potential to be a great city and we've proven that, said Linda Davis, D'Iberville Ward 2 councilwoman.

"It feels great. We used to brag about being the newest city in Mississippi, but now we can't have that bragging' right anymore," joked Mayor Rusty Quave.

Now a teenager, no longer the newest city in the state, it's ready to grow. And that means the annexation of the Latimar and St. Martin communities where citizens are feeling the same way D'Iberville felt 15 years ago. They want to become their own city.

"The people of St. Martin if they can get it on, which would be a good idea, if they can get the city going that's fine," said Oliver Diaz D'Iberville At-Large councilman.

But Mayor Quave doesn't think the citizens of the small community are thinking realistically.

"I can understand the feelings in St. Martin, but you gotta look at the real picture. You have to have a strong economic financial base in this market being a city."

Although the St. Martin area has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years, Mayor Quave says he doesn't believe the small community could do well on its own financially.

Councilman Diaz thinks the citizens may be able to pull it off with a lot of hard work.

"It's gonna be expensive and costly, but you gotta grow."

And councilwoman Davis says of the finale, "If it's meant to be, it's gonna be."

Only time will tell what the next 15 years will bring for the city of D'Iberville. The city is working on adding 10 more businesses to the Sangani Boulevard area including a 14 screen movie theatre. City officials also still hope to bring a casino to the city.

By: Jennifer Holliman