Mr. Al Entertains Kids With High Energy Show

Al Rasso loves children and music.

The man with a master's degree in early childhood education, is a rock and roll star at heart.

Combine the two and you have a show called "Mr. Al's Kids Rock Too".

Hundreds of children filled the coliseum convention center for a high energy performance.

"I do the fast boogie, I do the real fast boogie," sang Mr. Al as he moved across the stage.

Emphasize the fast. You need a four year old's energy to keep up with Mr. Al.

"And with your tummy, dance and boogie, yeah," he sang.

"One of the things that I try to really do during the show is engage the children. But I pace it so that there are some active times and there are some calm times. And that prevents the children from getting too overwhelmed at the whole experience," he explained.

Expert pacing keeps the kids mesmerized. Attention spans don't have time to wander.

"But nobody was home, so poor Mr. Wiggle turned around," said Al as he turned quickly from song to story.

The parents seem to enjoy the zany banter as much as their kids. Gina Larsen didn't know what to expect. But she and her son came away entertained by the show and impressed with Mr. Al.

"Unbelievable. It's the first time I've ever been here. The first show I've ever seen. This is just fabulous. I thought he was real good. Enjoyed it a lot," she said.

Her son Clay agreed.  He liked the song, "Rock and Roll Body Parts" best.

Keeshon Smith found his groove dancing. He and his friends from Bundle of Love pre school enjoyed the party like everyone else.

"I liked the dancing and singing," said one youngster.

The high energy Mr. Al has been doing the live shows for some 15 years. How long can he keep up such a frenzied pace?

"Oh, until I can't do it anymore," said Mr. Al, wearing a big smile.