Moss Point school district teams up with church leaders to promote education

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

Moss Point, MS (WLOX) - The Moss Point School District is calling on churches to help keep kids in school.  Wednesday, the district introduced its new BUMP program, Building up Meaningful Partnerships, to religious leaders at a special prayer breakfast.

With bowed heads and closed eyes, dozens of pastors and school officials prayed for students attending Moss Point Schools. Superintendent Kim Staley asked that these religious leaders not only pray for the kids, but also find new ways to help the young people achieve excellence.

"Help us with our concept, such as dropout prevention, student achievement and that support that children need when they are not in school," Staley said.

Superintendent Staley said connecting church leaders with students at elementary and high schools will help make a major difference.

"The more eyes on our little ones, the better we are in the long run."

This partnership comes along with lots of responsibilities. Superintendent Staley said he's counting on churches to invest time, money and guidance

"They will help create activities for the children.  Also, we have a lot of children that are raised by grandparents, aunts and uncles. They can be a support with any needs they may need."

Pastor Joyce Grant has signed her church up to help support three schools. She feels young people have to have more positive role models.

"I think that now they spend so much time watching videos until they have role models that really don't set a very good image," Pastor Grant said.

Youth pastor Billy Thomas is also answering this call to service. He said more church groups should move outside church walls to help build the community.

"Churches can do what the schools can't. We have programs after school, weekends, holidays that can keep kids excited about life."

School officials said they have no doubt this religious group can also keep kids excited about learning in the classroom.

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