Green tips and website links

By: Graham Ulkins

BATON ROUGE, LA (WLOX) - People talk a lot about going green, but you may not realize how little effort it actually takes. There are things you can do without even getting up from your computer.

That's the whole idea behind the green movement. If everyone does just a little bit, it'll have a big impact. And it's stuff you may not have occured to you, like which site to pick to host your own website.

At ThinkHost you can find a green hosting site that is 100 percent powered by wind and solar energy. They cost about the same as normal hosting sites, but they help the environment.

Ecosearch is the same as Google, but for every 10,000 searches, the company will plant one tree.

You can find environmentally friendly messages to put under your e-mail signature at Reply For All. Plus, there are numerous green tips on Planet Green's website.

There are also plenty of ways to go green on your phone, especially on the i-phone.

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