Auditions Held For Russian Ballet

Seven-year old Morghan Ellis has been a ballet dancer for three years.

"I think it's very elegant, graceful, and I think it's a great opportunity to grow up to be a prima ballerina, to dance in front of millions of people and stuff like that," said Ellis.

And being a member of the Swan Lake production, well that would be the stepping stone to achieving her dream. She's not even picky about dancing in a certain role.

"I don't know what parts there are. I just want to be in it," said Ellis.

Several young girls auditioned Saturday afternoon for a part in the 128-year old Russian ballet Swan Lake.

Internationally acclaimed ballerina Oksana Kojanova of Russia will choreograph the production.

"Swan Lake is a beautiful performance. It's a very hard performance. It's very hard for legs, very hard for listening to music...It's a beautiful performance. Hard and beautiful," said Kojanova.

Kojanova was formerly the lead dancer with the Moscow Ballet and according to the Gulf Coast School of Performing Arts' director Elaine Kulick, it was Kojanova's idea to bring Swan Lake to South Mississippi.

"The Nutcracker's been done many times here on the coast, but Swan Lake is something that the coast kids really don't know that much about, so this will give them the opportunity to learn from a Russian dancer and learn what Swan Lake's about," said Kulick.

But whether these ladies are cast as swan maidens or Odette the queen of the swans, will be decided by whether they can remain "on pointe".

The performance will be May 17-th at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

But Kulick said she didn't get the turnout today that she expected, so another set of auditions for ages 7 and up will be held on Saturday, February 15 at 3 p.m. at the Gulf Coast School of Performing Arts located at 281 Stennis Drive in Biloxi.