"Duncan Gray" State Episcopal Bishop For The Third Time

For the third time Mississippi Episcopalians will look to a man named "Duncan Gray" for spiritual leadership. At a ceremony in Biloxi on Sunday Duncan Montgomery Gray, III became Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi. His grandfather Duncan Gray and his father Duncan Gray, Jr. have also served in that position. The youngest Gray says entering the family profession wasn't part of what he originally what he had in mind for his life.

"I had other plans," he said. "I did other things and pursued other courses but found my way back to the church or rather God found me."

Duncan Gray, Jr said it was a proud moment when he proclaimed his son as Bishop. Three generations straight going into the clergy makes it a family tradition, one the elder Gray says they've followed willingly.

He said "I think I remember my father telling me 'don't go into the priesthood if you can stay out of it' by which he meant it has to be a real compelling call."

The Grays say the ordination will carry special memories for more reasons than one.

Gray, Jr., said "All this happened on my wife's and my 55th wedding anniversary so it's a wonderful day. It's a very special day we'll never forget."

Duncan Gray, III, is only the ninth person to serve as Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi.