Community Eyesore Gets New Lease On Life

For five years, these building have been devoid of life inside and out. But soon, it will be thriving again. The Pascagoula City council condemned two other apartments this year in an effort to clean up property across the city.

"One of the problems that we see when it gets to where people can't live in it, we condemn it. At that point it means, they can't rent the apartments anymore, said Mike Mangum, Pascagoula councilman for Ward 4.

All five buildings at Eden Manor have been redone inside and out. From the plumbing and electrical wiring to new drywall, the apartments will be almost like new.

"It's a good thing anytime we can eliminate a deterioated run down piece of property, and we can come back with a facility that's new looking."

The apartment complex that used to be an eyesore in the city of Pascagoula is now a thriving construction site. When it's complete it will have more than 40 apartments for people to rent and it's property value will rise to about 1 million dollars.

"It's exciting to have another apartment complex coming back online so people can have affordable housing."

Even if it is one at a time, Mangum hopes the condemned properties will come back to life improving the look for residents and the city.

By Jennifer Holliman