Local Officer Receives Stars

"A promotion in the Air Force is not just recognition for a job well done, but it's recognition of the potential the Air Force sees in this officer," said Major General James Bankers.

And the Air Force sees a lot of potential in Colonel Charles Ethredge.

Colonel Ethredge became Brigadier General Ethredge in a special pinning ceremony Saturday afternoon at Keesler Air Force base - the first for the 403rd Wing.

"It means a lot to the people who work within the wing to have their leadership as high of a position as they can, and so for me it's a privilege for them it's something that they should expect, to be able to look to their leadership as being a general officer," said Brigadier General Charles Ethredge.

Throughout his 34 year military career, Ethredge has seen it all. But one event sticks out in his mind.

"One of the most rewarding is probably the time that I flew into Grenada, and, during the Grenada Operation, and was able to bring out all of the students who were there that our forces went into rescue. And it wasn't anything that I did in particular it's just that I happened to be there at the right time and someone came up and said would you take out these students and I said put them on board and let's go. And we get em home, and of course that's the famous picture of the student getting off the airplane at Charleston and kissing the ground as he touched American soil again," said Ethredge.

Going above and beyond - a motto not only applied to the Air Force, but also to Brigadier General Charles Ethredge.

Ethredge is married and has two children and four grandchildren.