Coast Animal Shelter Takes Precautions Against Virus

A virus that can be deadly in dogs has forced a Coast animal shelter to take extra precautions. To prevent the spread of Parvo, the Humane Society of South Mississippi will not take any stray dogs until Monday. In the last week shelter officials say they've had to put down several dogs because of the Parvo virus and some others are under quarantine.

Parvo can kill dogs by invading the digestive system and causing excessive vomiting and diarrhea.

A local veterinarian Greg McGrath told us what the shelter must do to protect the animals. He said "What they'll have to do is be very careful about disinfecting and vaccinating animals as soon as they come through the door and they should be able to get it under control but they'll have to go with handling a reduce number of animals for a short period of time."

McGrath says puppies who have not been vaccinated against Parvo are especially prone to dying from the virus.