Knife wielding man shot dead by police

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Yellow crime tape and shell casings on the ground are reminders of a deadly clash between police and a knife wielding man on Live Oak Avenue in Pascagoula Monday morning.

Chief Eddie Stewart said officers shot and killed 55-year-old Grady Wells, a man who attacked four of his officers.

"It was just an unfortunate incident that we regret, but was necessary," Chief Stewart said.

Stewart said it all began in Gautier, when a woman called police about a reckless driver who nearly sideswiped her car on Highway 90. The woman reported that driver was heading to Pascagoula.

Police were waiting when his white Mercedes entered their city and turned on to Pascagoula Street.

"First officer made an approach and stopped at an intersection. The officer was thinking he was approaching someone who just left the scene of an accident," Stewart said.

Stewart said Wells jumped out of his car with a machete in his hand and came at the officer.

"Three shots were fired, and at that time he proceeded through the intersection and cut through the parking lot of First Baptist Church."

Stewart said Wells kept going and aimed for one of his motorcycle officers. That officer jumped off the bike as the car was coming at him. Stewart said the officer escaped with cuts and bruises.

Wells then turned on Live Oak, where the chief said he rammed into a police car and a telephone pole.

"He comes out of the car and advances on the officer, as we are trying to get out of our cars," Stewart said.

Stewart said Wells pulled out a large knife again, and then officers opened fire, killing Wells.

"Today, our actions caused a man to lose his life. Our actions today could have caused other people to lose their life. That is the last thing we wanted, but it happened. I am very pleased and proud of the Pascagoula Police Department."

Chief Stewart said the case is still under investigation and it will be presented to a Grand Jury.  Police have not released the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

Grady Wells was originally from the Three Rivers community, and was in town visiting relatives. He was driving a car with New York licence plates.

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