Heating and beating in Lamar County

By David Elliott - bio | email

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - When man discovered the power of fire thousands of years ago, it changed the world forever. Blacksmiths began a trade that harnessed the power of fire to turn metal into useful things.

"There is a magic to fire," Terrell Pickett said as he stood at his forge in his Lamar County workshop.

Pickett is famous for his hand made knives. The blades are fired in the forge, then Pickett beats them with a hammer on an anvil and turns them into hand crafted knives.

"My knives are made the old fashioned way," Pickett said.

This South Mississippi craftsman retired almost 20 years ago and found out he needed to stay busy and be creative.

"I visited some friends with forges and I was hooked," Pickett said as he sharpened knife blades.

Terrell enjoys sharing his knowledge of an age old craft.

"I love teaching people about this dying art."

He travels around the South with a mobile forge and attends festivals and other events in an effort to keep a centuries old tradition alive.

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