Coast Residents Talk About Latest War Talk

Burger Burger is just a few blocks from Keesler Air Force Base. So war talk often comes up over a sandwich and a cup of iced tea.

Chef Dave Kuhn thinks it's time for America to put war on its menu. "I support President Bush, I really do," the chef said. "I've got a cousin who is a naval officer and that sort of thing. I think they're prepared and the time is right."

Two ladies in the dining room said hold on a minute. "I'm really not for it," Pat Drago said.

Drago and Jill Thompson both work at Keesler. They're not sure the Bush administration has served up enough information to send troops into battle. According to Thompson, "We can hold them from building up their military forces without going to war."

One of the people at Burger Burger was Lowell Rogers. He works at the Biloxi Fire Department, just across the parking lot from the restaurant. To support the pending war effort, several of his colleagues have been or will be called to duty. The Gulf War veteran told me he believes it's time for America to go to war again.

"I just kind of feel that it's time to," said Rogers. "We need to make a stand and get things stopped before it gets worse."

As Michelle Duckworth's food arrived, she said what everybody involved in the war talk was thinking. She said, "My prayers are with all of them."